There are so many wonderful activities and things created around the world now that we would love to have for our classrooms. But, with them, can often come a larger price tag. We’ve always loved to fundraise and raise money for our classroom – and today I’m sharing my best classroom fundraising ideas with you!


You all know how much I love a classroom coffee cart. Not only is it great for raising money, but it gets your students working on all sorts of important life skills. Read my full blog post here to find out more. Or if you want to get started straight away with a coffee cart, download our set up pack here.


Bake sales are easy, people love to get involved – and they always sell well! Whether you sell to just staff, or you open it up for everyone to purchase. You can ask staff members to each bring in something that they baked. Then, sell off the cakes/items to staff and students. Send notes home to families in advance reminding them about the bake sale and to invite them to bring in money to purchase items. school fundraiser ideas


This always goes down really well for us, and it means we can get out into the community and be active too! We take collection buckets with us while we walk to try and earn some extra money too. Send home a sponsor form with each student that is taking part – and staff members too! And those sponsors will add up very fast.


Unfortunately, it’s not available in the UK. But this is a fantastic online portal where you can submit what you are trying to raise money for – and other people come along and donate to your cause! Once you raise all the money, you’ll get sent the items that you requested! People are always looking to help out teachers. And this is a great way for them to give back to the community – while also helping you out!


Teachers Pay Teachers are a fantastic website where teachers and education professionals share their high quality, engaging resources and activities with other teachers. I love it, and it helps to fill in so many gaps in our curriculum and when we’re looking to work on specific skills and fun activities.

Over 80% of teachers in the United States use TpT – and even more worldwide! But, if you’re looking to get a lot of resources this year, definitely consider signing up to TpT Class Fund. While this isn’t a fundraising option for class or anything. It does allow you to collet funds that you can spend on TpT to use to purchase items for your class. Find out more here.


Every year people go out and buy Christmas cards to send to friends and family. And every year, this is a great opportunity for us to make some money! Whether you have your students design Christmas cards on the computer and then have them printed, or make them in craft activities.

You can then send photos of these home or email – and be sure to do this around the school to – for people who may be interested in purchasing Christmas cards from you to take home.

Money wise, the digital option always works out great. Students can get really creative on the computer or iPad designing their cards, and then get them printed out either in school or at a local printing service. Be sure to tell them why you’re printing them and you may get an even bigger discount! This makes them look more professional too.


I think most of us love to be jeans, and we’d love to wear jeans to work. But, for a lot of us, school policy doesn’t allow that. So when you have jeans day and staff are allowed to come into school in jeans – that’s a huge novelty! Charge for wearing jeans and you’ll soon see how quickly that money adds up.


This is kind of the same as above, but open it up to everyone in your school that for a fee they can come to school in anything they want that’s non uniform. Of course, you may want to put a few guidelines in there too.