How to Mirror Your iPhone or iPad Screen to Windows PC Without USB

All your iPhone content can now be seen on the laptop, including images, videos, apps, music, and so on. You don’t have any technical knowledge; no worries at all. Install LonelyScreen, and it will behave like an AirPlay receiver.
So, that’s all about how to cast iPhone on Windows 11 computer screen. Now, the Reflector app, which is open on your computer, will show a 4-digit code. The Screen Mirroring will search for available services and will display LonelyScreen once it is discovered. Connect the computer and the iPhone using the appropriate cable. Install the application and launch it once it is installed.
Now you successfully mirror your iPhone to Windows PC/LapTop. You can also control your iPhone on your PC such as playing mobile games. best Screen Mirroring App on iPhone is a simple AirPlay receiver application that doesn’t allow you to do much more other than sharing an iPhone’s screen with a PC or Mac.
The good thing about this tool is that once you capture the iPhone screen, you can edit it afterward. You do not need to download any third-party editing tool. In this case, you will save storage space on your Mac.
You get options to click a screenshot of your iPhone screen, navigate the phone with the buttons, and a lot more. By default, the app shows you the method to use a wired connection. The first option you can check out is an app called Wormhole. But to actually use it to its full potential, you will have to spend some money on it. Fortunately, it offers a 3-day free trial, so you can check out all its functionality before spending your money.Download Wormhole from its website and install it. First off, why would you want to control your iPhone from Windows?
It also provides the best mirroring experience available. Additionally, it supports wireless screen mirroring, enabling cable-free sharing of the iPhone’s screen. This app is a good pick for a trustworthyscreen mirror. See the screen of your iPhone or iPad in high definition and real-time on your TV.
But, much like mobile gaming, mobile video editing can be frustrating. When you try to edit your videos on your phone, you have to work with a small screen and limited functionality. Mirror your phone to your computer, and you can significantly improve your editing experience and the quality of your finished videos.